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Katie Proctor is a poet from Yorkshire, England. Since she can remember she has loved to write, whether it be prose, poetry or stories, and writing will always be her first love. Nowadays, she writes freeform poetry and prose often regarding her experience with love, relationships and mental health. Her debut collection of poetry, Seasons, was published by Hedgehog Poetry Press in August 2020. Outside writing, she is a student with a passion for literature, history and classics, and is a big fan of Shakespeare. She loves to act and plans to study English Literature at university.


“Katie Proctor’s Seasons is a collection of temporal elegant epiphanies well suited to a pandemic plagued culture. In Firsts, Proctor writes of the knowledge that shadows such experiences— ‘knowing nothing will ever be quite like this again’. She speaks of distanced lovers imagining touching flesh and pressing flowers of the other’s hometown into a book. The tactile details of this collection are timely in their taunts of the ‘melted endlessness’. Proctor describes in an empty infinity. It is both a precise description of the condition we are experiencing in the Covid era as well as a reminder that this is but another uncomfortable season that will eventually succumb to another.”
Kristin Garth, author of Puritan U Succubus Alumnus, Hedgehog Poetry, and Flutter: Southern Gothic Fever Dream, TwistiT Press

Signed copies: £6.99 incl. P&P
Annotated copies: £9.99 incl. P&P


"This collection is so fresh you literally feel the soothing breeze take you through its twists and turns and struggles and acceptances and you’re left feeling all the better for having read it, like a summer shower after a heatwave. Seasons comes with all sensations and Katie Proctor has them all beautifully bundled up in here."
Damien Donnelly, author of Eat the Storms, Hedgehog Poetry

"Katie Proctor is 17yrs old, but the depth, breadth and honesty of her poetry absolutely belies that. A fresh voice in a busy poetry world. If you can I recommend buying one or her annotated copies for the additional context and insight that provides. Super debut collection."
Brian McManus

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